The Higherside Guide To Hosting A Meetup

Find the others. It’s easier than you think!

  • Pick a venue. (Can’t decide where? See below.)
  • Decide on a date and start time. (30 days out is usually best.)
  • Submit your meetup on
  • Wait for your meetup to be approved, and then share the link with your like-minded brethren.
  • Consider printing out something from the signage page to make it easy for people to find the group on arrival.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good meetup venue?

  • Avoid places that have cover charges, limited seating, or loud music.
  • Breweries, tasting rooms, big restaurants, or even bowling alleys tend to work well.
  • Pick somewhere kid-friendly / family friendly. (Not everyone can get a sitter!)
  • People tend to feel more comfortable at a public place, rather than someone’s home.
  • Parks can be an option, but it’s always nice to support local business!

Should I get a reservation or coordinate with the venue?

No need. We’ve learned that while this sounds like a nice idea, it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Picking an open, spacious venue is a better idea. RSVPs are not always reliable either, and we operate better as free range fans.

Anything a host should bring?

Keep it simple. It’s recommended that a host prints a logo from the signage page for easy coordination.

Name tags can be helpful, but are not necessary.

A pad of paper for an email sign up sheet can be useful for groups that might want to meet more often without needing to check the site calendar. Adding a column for “interests” can also spark conversation and help you discover any other golfers/hikers/fisherman/etc. in the group.

How do I get the word out?

Post your event on With a centralized website for all THC meetups, people can easily double check the details of the event. You can start a thread about it on  (searching the name of your city and sending a DM to locals you can find isn’t a bad idea) or post the link to various social media platforms at your discretion.

Tips for making it fun?

Meeting new people cold is always a little awkward, but having THC in common is a huge benefit! Ask people how long they’ve been listening, their favorite topics, favorite guests, etc. You’ll be surprised how quickly the conversation flows!

How does the Higherside Meetups site work?

  1. You’ll need to register for an account.
  2. Add your event on the submit a meetup page. You’ll need to add the venue (including address) and some information about the organizer of the event, and any relevant details people should know about attending or finding the group.
  3. Your meetup will be reviewed (to avoid spam / check for errors) and once approved, it will appear on the site. You’ll be notified via email.
  4. Use the edit link in your emailed event confirmation to update/add/modify details as needed; your meetup will need to be approved once again before it is published.
  5. Check your meetup’s RSVPs by checking the event listing on — you will receive an email notifying when someone clicks your meetup’s RSVP button.