August 5, 2022 - August 6, 2022    
12:00 am
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Meetup Description

Hi THC family. Jackalope Freedom Festival is a free non-event Agorist/Voluntaryist festival in the middle of nowhere Arizona. I heard about it through a fellow THC meetup group member and many former THC guests will be there speaking (Broze, Rose, and more). There’s also lots of music and an agorist market.

Address is near Hunter Creek and the coordinates are on the website but I’ll post them here as well:

34.310778, -110.684722

I will be camping with a few people from Southern California who are part of the THC meetup crew. Look for purple solar lights and a lady with red hair and a black and white hat, that’s me. I’m down to chat with anyone how about any of the topics from the show or similar fields of inquiry.

Again, the event is totally free. Bring everything you need to camp for as many days as you’re staying. The festival runs the first through the 14th or so, but I’m going the 4th through the 7th so anytime the 5th or the 6th when we find each other works for me. In the spirit of non-event events, I’m not planning anything further than that. We will find each other naturally. I’ll have some extra food to share and someone donated a dumpster and some porta johns but make sure you bring your own toilet paper. Cell phone service is not known to exist. You can pay for some internet service though.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you all again!



Jackalope Freedom Festival
34.310778, -110.684722, Hunter Creek, AZ, East of Payton and Hunter Creek


RSVPs are closed for this event.

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