April 29, 2023    
9:30 pm - 11:45 pm
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Meetup Description

Continuing the Sin City Conspiracy Enthusiasts meet up.   This will be fun to hang out under the infinite.   Bring any binoculars or Telescopes.  Let’s catch some shooting stars or maybe even a UFO!  I want to hear your knowledge or theories about everything and anything?   Are we on a cataclysm cycle of 12,000 years or is the earth Flat?  Is it 6,000 years old or 4.5 billion? Did we evolve from monkeys or is there intelligent design?  Have you figured out any of the secrets or lies most of us are ignorant to?  Are there any other Sun Gazers out there?  Any questions or suggestions please email me at: eyesofelana@gmail.com

P.S. Don’t forget your Tin Foil Hat!


Arco AM/PM
2300 Glendale Blvd, Moapa, NV 89025, Moapa, Nevada, 89025


RSVPs are closed for this event.

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