June 10, 2023    
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Hi Greg, hi everyone!

I’m wondering if there would be any interest in a UK/Scotland meet up in the summer at The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice and The Karass Sanctuary in Galloway in south west Scotland. I’m in the middle of doing my house or I’d have it sooner, but it will probably involve a bit of planning for most folk so maybe a bit of notice is a good thing. I cannae get away fae here really but it’s a nice wee bit, and it will be especially good for folk who like being around animals – there are about 420 of us here (but only one human!), including 14 dogs, pigs, sheep, hens, turkeys, and cats and about 350 cockerels (so perhaps we could dae a wee bit of resetting of circadian rhythms while we are at it 🙂

There’s something special about this place (specifically Ringliggate but also the wider area) so it could be a good and interesting place for folk who see a bit more of reality.

If anyone is interested lemme know at bigwoollybastard@gmail.com and we can see about numbers, dates (I picked the 10th as it’s the weekend closest to the full moon of June but it’s flexible), travel and sleeping arrangements – I have some couches, there are fields for camping, I’ll hopefully have a grillkota by then too), or even a sheep shelter if anyone fancies something a bit more rustic!

It would be nice meeting some of the Scottish/UK Higherside Chatters (or anyone fae further afield who fancies a trip tae the motherland 🙂 – hopefully we can work something out.

Love fae us aw here, and special thanks Greg for aw you dae – yer a special one, and aw best wishes for the move.  Alexis



Ringliggate, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway, DG6 4RB, Scotland



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