August 6, 2022    
3:30 pm - 11:45 pm
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Meetup Description

What’s up THC family

So it turns out that Sam Tripoli will be performing a comedy set this weekend as well, Dan and I run “Rising from the Ashes podcast” and have been planning on setting up a THC meetup for some time,  so this weekend sounds good. We had started our podcast after Greg played my voice-mail on a plus episode a bit over a year ago and now we’re up to 70 episodes and listenership has exceeded quite a bit! It’s been amazing, we’re hoping to link up with people in the Bay and dive deep into some esoterica!

San Francisco is a town heavily attributed to the hermetic masons that built it, with a very rich history and a big pattern of the esoteric foundations of this country, we hope to meet at executive order then from there we can expand and maybe travel to some of the awesome architecture in town!

Feel free to email us @

Or let’s start a telegram group!

Homie Romie


Executive Order Bar & Lounge
868 Mission St , San Fransisco, CA, 95103


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