Sat November 11, 2023    
11:11 pm - 11:59 pm
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Meetup Description

Vitual Conspiracy Therapy Playstation Party Chat. It’s been suggested that the time be a little later for the West Coasters and Bohemian Groovy Night Owls. Lest We Forget 11:11 Remembrance Day they say. Even later 11:11pm EST and 8:11pm PST. Not sure how that works for the Down Unders, Over The Ponders or Deep Inside the Hollow Earthers, but all are welcome as are Game Suggestions. Small turn out for Gen Zero Part2 but someone mentioned how lame Eddie Bravo was on the last JRE, but pulled out all the screws on Roseanne Barr’s podcast. I’ve since listened to it and am pretty much convinced that we are living in a simulation where the earth is flat. If you’re still a round earther. You’re probably nuts and will buy anything the MSM is selling but please join and convince me that the earth is round and the Aussies are walking around upside down. PS we need to start a campaign to get Greg Carlwood on the Roseanne Barr podcast. He’d fit right in
We’ll be meeting in a private party chat. So please send me a friend request and short message letting me know you’re in for the Higherside Meet Up via PSN (preferably in advance). My PSN user name is CanaduhBlitz (or you can always email your info if you want to canaduhblitz @ yahoo . com )


RSVPs are closed for this event.