Wed October 18, 2023    
9:12 pm - 11:59 pm
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Meetup Description

Location: all Planets of the Solar Federation. Vitual Consiracy Therapy Playstation Party Chat. It’s been suggested that the time be a little later for the West Coasters and Bohemian Groovy Night Owls. Weeed nes day 21:12 Military Time also known as 9:12pm EST and 6:12pm PST. Not sure how that works for the Down Unders, Over The Ponders or Deep Inside the Hollow Earthers, but all are welcome. Even those stationed at the secret Notzee base on the Dark Side of the moon. The Not So Honourable PM Trudeau may even give you a standing ovation in the House of Commons if you attend, a Honk Honk for sure. Game suggestions also welcome. Only had a couple of people for Gen Zero part 1, but still had an interesting conversation about Megyn Kelly and Russell Brand. Who exactly is Russell Brand’s wife and what is her connection to the Roth Childrens? Inquiring minds still want to know….

We’ll be meeting in a private party chat. So please send me a friend request and short message letting me know you’re in for the Higherside Meet Up via PSN (preferably in advance). My PSN user name is CanaduhBlitz (or you can always email your info if you want to canaduhblitz @ yahoo . com )


RSVPs are closed for this event.