Sun August 6, 2023    
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
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Meetup Description

I just listened to the Dr. Nordongard episode, been hearing Greg say, “your move people…..your move” too much. Let’s get together in possibly the best city in America to discuss the genesis of where we are now, all aspects, I firmly believe you can talk about none of this “Fortiana” with out talking about all of it (ghosts, entities, hermeticism, UFOs, NDE’s, Religion, Consciousness, Everything) I’d like to talk about all of it. I got 3 kids, been a needle junkie (almost 7 years clean), I’ve been to prison unfortunately and in the last 6 years since I’ve home I’ve realized damn we are all FN up. I’m worried about the world my 5 year old daughter will grow up in and, the Realm. Me this billion year old cosmic entity driving a meat suite is maybe stuck in. Y’all let me know pls

7/21-Sorry First time doing this so Ill be keeping everyone updated. I’m looking into Braun Springs Rec Center, or Optimists Park on Oakwood Ave. I’d just really like to be inside since its so hot and of course we got to have snacks and coffee. I will find out about the venue by Monday and update the post. If anyone has any suggestions pls let me know thanks y’all.

7/24- hey everyone hope all is well. should be last update got everything sorted and will go reserve the space for an hour tomorrow morning. sorry just an hour pretty poor right now. But I feel like this is worth it. if something changes Ill re-update. Otherwise, Ima bringing coffee and snacks, topics are whatever I’m excited to meet some smart interesting like minded folks. Your move people….your fn move

7/25- All set folks little time change from 6pm to 330pm on Sunday the 6th that felt like a semi neutral time and day so. I’m excited yall. I’ll have my laptop so we can look up stuff we are talking about. also refreshments as i said before. Open to all topics I’m down to talk about anything. with the folks that do show up we can discuss venue and time changes for next time. And if someone who wants to come but cant pls let me know well see what we can do. Well like me and others have said before, your move people  your fn move.




Brahan Springs Rec Center
3770 Ivy Ave SW, Huntsville , Alabama, 35805


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