Sun September 11, 2022    
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Meetup Description

Come learn how to build an organic community garden with perenniel food forest elements, how to make your own ultra low cost organic fertilizers with the new South Korean method of JADAM, which translates to “the people who are like nature”.

Learn how to make the 3 essential solutions in JADAM:

JADAM Microorganism Solution:

JMS can be used to turn any bare patch of dirt or lawn into a rich, biodiverse living soil using only sea salt, starch (boiled potatoes or rice), rich soil from a forest floor, and water.

JADAM Liquid Fertilizer:

JLF is a stinky bucket of various plants, soil, and water which break down over time into simpler and simpler plant friendly compounds. These can be specialized by what is added to them in order to provide plants with the appropriate nutrients they need during each stage of growth. Nitrogen heavy for young plants, and Calcium and CalPhos for when they are producing fruits. These are best prepared with a 5 gallon bucket with a wine spout installed near the bottom, so when it runs dry, more plants and water can be added indefinitely. This stuff ages like wine and smells like funky death. Brave souls are encouraged to experiment with replacing water with urine aged 6 months to significantly boost Nitrogen content.

JADAM Wetting Agent:

JWA is the base organic pesticide used in JADAM. It is basically an agricultural soap, and can be mixed with another useful input, JADAM Herbal Solution (JHS) to increase the pest killing power, and JADAM Sulfur (JS) if it is necessary to go full organic nuclear as I needed to do with a Hemp Russet Mite infestation on my CBD hemp crop in 2021. JWA requires the most purchases to make: Caustic Potash, Canola Oil, and an Immersion Blender. But since I have two of those and can order the third, I think I can offer about a pint of JWA (only need an ounce to make a gallon of spray) to everybody who comes to the event.



Goodies for Attendeees:

*Free Seeds of some kind. First come first served. (DJ Short Blueberry regular cannabis seeds, or some lettuce, sunflower, or vegetable)

* Pint of JWA

*PDF version of the full, 300+ page JADAM Manual and Recipe Book written by the creator, Youngsan Cho, after 20 years of experimentation.

*Physical Printouts of the recipes for the 3 Essential Solutions of JADAM

*(Possibly if still active…) A url to download free pdfs of “The Self Sufficient Backyard”, “The Aquaponic Gardener”, “Where to Find Free Land in America”, and ‘Skills from the year 1900″)

*The knowledge and ability to rapidly convert nearly any patch of dirt or lawn into a biodiverse regenerative organic garden, orchard, or food forest.


High Ciara by the Playground
1025 Belle Ave, Mankato, MN, 56001, Southern Minnesota


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