January 22, 2023    
11:00 am

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Welcome to paradise, THCers. There has got to be a THC community at Lake Atitlán, considering the number of expats there are here. Lets throw off our veils of secrecy and band together to drink the conspira-tea! In this case, the conspira-tea can be a fish bowl pina colada. Or whatever you desire. They might even have tea! 🙂

One of the joys of living on The Lake is, every once in a while, going to Smokin Joes BBQ in San Pedro. Joe is an American butcher and he has fine American quality steaks like no where else that I know of in Guatemala. They have all the requisite BBQ items. They have a couple of excellent fish options. They have a vegetarian option or two. A salad bar and hot table is included for everyone. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel by describing the restaurant. Click on the link below:

I typically avoid Micheladas because they tend to disappoint, more often than not. To people who haven’t been to the latin countries, you won’t know what I’m talking about.
https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/michelada/   Anyway, Joe has good taste, it’s the only place I order Micheladas. They’re probably better in Mexico.

So if I’ve piqued the interest of anyone not in Guatemala, and whetted your appetite for baby back ribs… Hey, hop on a plane, have a fantastic and economical vacation, and arrange to be in San Pedro on Jan 22. I’m actually not kidding. unosimpsonsantacruz@gmail.com Email me and I will tell you what to do to fill the week or two of your vacation. Plane tickets get cheaper after the beginning of January.

Check out this fantastic dj mix. In the video the tiny little town across the lake isn’t actually tiny. It’s a very large lake. That tiny little town is where the restaurant is. Yes, the views are stunning. Every day.

I’ve been going to Guatemala every winter for 5 years. I am pretty sure there’s got to be a strong THC community around Lake Atitlán. This meetup will put the theory to the test. Please RSVP… I can’t wait to meet my THC sisters and brothers.

Halleluja and boom goes the dynamite, people! Greg, we will send photos. Or come join us and take your own damn photos. 😀

Your Humble Guatemalan Correspondent,
Marchello in Santa Cruz

At 10:30 on January 22nd, I will be at the intersection just up the hill from the public dock at San Pedro. That’s just 100 feet up from the dock. Look for a THC sign at the lightpost. At 11:30 sharp, the whole gang will walk to the BBQ. Check this listing closer to the time to confirm the location. We have to show up to Joe’s before noon cuz it gets real busy. And to get a large enough table, it would be great if you could be there with us, instead of coming late.

Smokin Joes Location – TBD
I’m not sure if the location in the article is still correct, the article is from last year. I’m posting this meetup in November and the BBQ hasn’t opened for the season yet. I’ll check it and edit this listing in December.


Smokin Joes BBQ San Pedro la Laguna Guatemala
To Be Determined, San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala, Lake Atitlán



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