Sun May 15, 2022    
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
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Meetup Description

Greetings Higherside Chatters!

I am Mystic Mark, Host of The My Family Thinks I’m Crazy Podcast, organizing a second free walking tour, in effort to raise the awareness and metaphysical energy in the New H(e)aven 9 Square Grid, We all have heard the Infamous Skull and Bones, but few ever walk amongst the elite Yalie’s in their own domain with this awareness. I will take you on a tour of the lesser known features of Yales Ancient campus, be prepared to walk a few miles, and to behold Neo-gothic architecture layered in history and symbolism, occulted and profane. We will collectively examine the landscape muses, memory of place and symbol, while deconstructing the mysterious ritual that was laid with stone and mortar, and aligned with magnetic north, between two mountains, once known to be the bodies of ancient giants, and two rivers, once teeming with life. Why may 15th? well our last walking tour was on a more obviously significant date 3/22, and this time is no different, May 15th is Yale’s Tap Day, when 15 juniors are elected into the various secret societies whose roots trace back centuries. Unfortunately for us, this collegiate event is no longer the public spectacle of yester-year, for obvious reasons to us, Yale has taken this yearly ceremony behind closed walls and off limits to prying eyes. Despite this we will assuredly tap into this consciousness in a benevolent and positive way, and for any wise walker in the ways of synchro-mysticism this approach tends to yield the best results.

Please RSVP and be prepared for a walk, Rain or Shine, Bring Your Own Buds, Toke at your own Risk.


Best Regards, and Big Thanks to You, Greg, for making this possible.

Mystic Mark



Book Trader Cafe
1140 Chapel St., New Haven, CT, 06511, Northeast


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