December 17, 2022    
11:00 am - 1:00 pm
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Meetup Description

Hello one and all,

The Scamdemic control matrix seems to be on the way out. The Ukraine psyop is still running hard, but most talking monkeys seem to have lost interest. FTX is a tangled web of scumfuckery par excellence, but it’s going to require a rocket surgeon to successfully untangle that web of fraudulence. Of course we’re all burning to death underneath massive snow drifts of anthropogenic climate change brought about by skinwalking, alienesque drone pilots cloud seeding adrenochrome into the eyeballs of…fuck, I lost the thread…..

My point is, Brandon’s still shitting his pants and sniffing kids while Trump’s doing his best to make himself great again. People, there is an election season a mere two years around the corner and we need to unite, I mean really get together in solidarity! We have to do the hard work required, so that in two years time we are fully prepared to point and laugh as hard as we can at all the derps lining up to vote harder for one of these two turds in order to “save our duhmocracy”.

(As an aside, it might also be a good idea to network with like-minded folks in the area, you know, just in case the NWO decides to wrap its lizard fingers a little tighter around our collective necks.)



Freedom of Espresso
128 West Genesee Street, Fayetteville, NY, 13066


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