January 26, 2023    
All Day

Meetup Description

Location – Slab City, CA

Most probably it will be right by Salvation Mountain. I will post exact site location as we get closer to the event. Probably a week or 2 prior. Depending on the weather and where the snowbirds flock to, the site will be decided by those factors. We want to be as isolated as possible.


January 26th – 30th


There will be Porta Potties. It is being donated to us. However, I would still like to give them some money so if anyone would like to donate, we will have a stand at the camp site.

We will also have a “stage” with a speaker and microphone in case anybody wants to give speeches or play acoustic music.


This is a nonevent, this is not a festival. I loved what I saw at other non event freedom camps and decided to do the same in California. We’re all just going out to camp. You are responsible for bringing enough food, shelter, tools, etc. There is no program or any sort of organization.

There are restaurants and supermarkets in Niland and Brawley which are the 2 closest cities. Niland is only 3 miles away but Brawley is almost 30 miles away. There are gas stations in Niland as well.

Please note, it is a desert so you cannot gather wood. I would suggest you bring your own if you’d like to have a bonfire or you can buy them from the local stores in Niland. Weather in January is usually pretty chilly. Probably in the 60s during the day and lower 50s at night. If you want to look up the weather report on an app, look up Niland, CA.

I would like us to not be in the way of any of the Slabbers and to pretty much keep to ourselves. I do have friends who have been living there for a long time so if you have any questions you can ask me as I go there often. They said that most Slabbers won’t care as there are similar things going on there all year round.

Slab City is NOT an autonomous zone which is contradictory to what most people think/say. If you call the cops, they will show up. There are laws and rules. The land is private, it is not a free zone. Most people that live there have addresses and USPS delivers to them.

A brief history/current news of Slab City:

It used to be a World War II military base. After the war, they tore down all the buildings and left the slabs of concrete in the ground, thus the name Slab City. 

After the war, a lot of veterans moved back to the slabs when they had no where to go and they were down on their luck. It was the only place they could go and live for free so they created a society and it attracted a lot of hippies from the Bay Area in the 60’s. The movie called Into The Wild is what really made it famous and of course, Leonard Knight, who built Salvation Mountain as his offering to God and the people that flocked there to live free made it very attractive to tourists. A lot of Christian tourists go to see Salvation Mountain. 

As far as I understand, the land is owned by the Martinez Estate and the teacher’s union. However, nobody cared about the land and they just let people do whatever they want such as build houses, park their RVs, burn cars, throw raves, etc. etc. The land is being sold at the moment and some parts of it have already been sold. They’re selling to land trusts and the Slabbers will not be getting kicked out but they think that they will start charging rent.

There are families that live in Slab City and the Niland city school bus picks kids up from Slab City and takes them to school so it is somewhat family friendly. Please do your own research and decide if you want to bring your friends, family and kids. I’m sure there are a lot of safety concerns due to it’s infamy. There are some meth heads and theft is a real thing out there. So please keep an eye on your stuff. 

I have been camping out there for half a decade and I have never had any problems with anyone or had anything stolen. I’ve been to a few raves out there and everybody was safe and nothing was stolen either. Once again, we will be camping somewhere away from all the Slabbers so we can have our own space.


Speaking of raves, if you decide to play LOUD music all night and have a party, that’s totally fine, BUT, please do it away from people that are sleeping. I am all about partying and I will probably join but I would also like to get some sleep. 


Camps to check out:

Salvation Mountain

East Jesus

The Library

House Of Dots

Cat Sanctuary

The Range

The Range has events every Saturday night. It’s usually live bands and I believe they sell food and alcohol but I’m not sure.

East Jesus is a really cool art gallery made of everything and anything.

You can research the other camps yourselves as I feel like this is very long and I don’t want you to feel like you’re reading a book.


Hope to see you all there and as I mentioned, the site location will be announced a couple of weeks prior to the nonevent. 





Slab City
Beal Rd, Calipatria, CA, 92233



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